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Will was not able to be with us in person this week so he has shared his first 'Weekly Scoop' - a collection of his photos with explanatory captions.

Unedited this is DJPON3 also known as Vinyl scratch, a character from My little pony, the resident DJ of Ponyville

Given a stay of execution, class 142 no 142087 back in service running 2J27 to Rochdale from Clitheroe

Wipers on the go! Express Sprinters in the rain, not even drizzle stops me, Perkins powered class 158, no.158855 roars up the steady incline from Mills Hill, with a Cummins powered classmate in tow, working 2L19 from

Going in the other direction, Cummins powered class 158, no.158752 cruises under Boarshaw Bridge working 2L89 going the other way to Wigan Wallgate from Leeds.

Aptly named class 66 no. 66724 Drax Power Station gives it everything she's got, all 3,000 horsepower, up the relentless 1:150 incline that begins after Mills Hill and continues all the way to the far end of Summit Tunnel near Littleborough.

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