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We are VIBE



The promotion of improved mental health in children and young people aged 11-24 years in the Greater Manchester area by providing opportunities to engage in the creative arts.




The provision of activities which develop their skills, capacities, and capabilities in the creative arts to support them in developing resilience to the mental health challenges they face thus enabling them to participate in society as mature, responsible, and contributing individuals.


The provision of opportunities to work alongside professional creatives and technicians In areas such as:

•          visual arts - animation, photography, drawing and painting,

•          music - song-writing, playing a musical instrument, rapping,

•          technical – guitar building, audio and video recording, computer maintenance and production,

•          writing - composing previews, reviews, and interviews for broadcast, print and social media, creative-writing,               and poetry,

•          performance – recorded and live,




Children and young people who have or are at risk of developing mental health issues, young people such as: asylum seekers/refugees, looked-after, self-harming, self-medicating, autistic, with gender identity issues, bullied and abused drawn from the whole spectrum of Greater Manchester’s diverse community.







  • Strategy and Policy                                                                  Steve Cooke

  • Finance and Facilities                                                              Colin Hughes

  • IT and Digital Arts                                                                     John Cooke

  • Creative Writing and Visual Arts                                            Seamus Kelly

  • Video and Animation                                                               Harry Wheeler

  • Music                                                                                          Dan Bridgwood-

  • Special Projects                                                                         Kirsty Rigg







  • Digital Art                                                                                  Jenny Anderton

  • Video                                                                                         Adam Anderton

  • Gaming                                                                                     Sam Little

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