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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

VIBE member Will has chosen his three favourite images from his extensive 2020 portfolio.

He, not surprisingly, found this a difficult task, as he had so many excellent photographic images to choose from!

Will has provided a short written narrative for each of his wonderful images.

VIBE'S photographer and digital artist, John Cooke, has added his comments.

WILL: Skies on fire, a divine and rather holy sunset, this is Middleton Parish Church, also known as St Leonard's in Middleton with a special settings combination to keep the sunset from being over exposed yet the church lit against the fiery skies.

JOHN: This is an extremely technical photograph and very difficult to achieve. Even though it was twilight Will has managed to keep a lot of detail of the church and foreground whilst highlighting the ‘Turneresque sky’. I particularly like the the whole composition with the sun disappearing on the left with the contrast of the grey brooding sky on the right.

It is definitely a photograph taken by someone who knows what they are doing.

WILL: Tales of a lonely photographer, the ultimate social distancing! This is a shot of me holding my pride and joy go to camera, my Canon EOS 6D, silhouetted against a winter sunrise on the Rochdale canal.

JOHN: This is an incredibly imaginative photograph and explains the life of a photographer perfectly. The composition is perfect. I particularly like the way the camera is being held because to me it explains that the majority of a photographer’s life isn’t about taking shots but just looking at things.

WILL: Creativity with a little equestrian magic, featuring a Princess. Early march made me get creative thanks to lockdown so to take advantage of the super moon and to show off the Alicorn Princess, I did what any My Little Pony fan would do and set the Princess of the night, Princess Luna, against the backdrop of the super moon, because if you say moon to any Pony fan they'll think of Luna as the dark blue Alicorn we all know now was once the villain character Nightmare Moon.

JOHN: This is a very well thought out composition with the ‘Super Moon’ in the background. My only criticism is that the whole thing is a bit soft and could have been a bit sharper but that is just my opinion and each photographer has different styles and ways of taking photographs unique to them.

You can see more of Will's images on Instagram sprinter_productions

John Cooke's art can be found on his website

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1 Comment

Jamie Santi
Jamie Santi
Jan 01, 2021

Well done will

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