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Following last week's Zoom session with VIBE supporter Sue Devaney, who plays Debbie Webster in Coronation Street, VIBE member Jamie reviewed an episode for us.

'There was was an interesting episode of Coronation Street this week. A dramatic storyline is unfolding relating to the wedding of two of the main characters Kevin Webster and Abbey Franklin.

Two of the female characters (Debbie and Abbey) were trying on expensive wedding dresses in traditional white colour. In a huge miss-hap, the character Debbie fell on a plate of beetroot salad and irrevocably damaged the dress. Both characters were mortified by what had happened.

I think the stain will not be possible to remove and that someone will have to pay for the damage. We will find out what happens next on Friday!'

We had a great Zoom session this week with lots of creativity that should lead to some exciting outcomes over the coming weeks. We were also delighted to learn that VIBE artist/facilitator, Alison not only plays on a track currently in the 6 Music charts but is featured on an upcoming BBC Radio 4 programme.

Back in the real world our budding band members had a great session with VIBE musician/facilitator Dave, Vibe member/volunteer Adam did some guitar tech work and VIBE member Jack had a session on the electric drums.

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