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We have taken the decision to rename our organisation from SWCT TO VIBE. This was in response to the preference expressed by our members, volunteers, and staff.

Our constitution, flyers and Covid-secure documentation have been amended .

We have recommenced our face-to-face creativity sessions at 36/36a Drake Street on Mondays 4-6pm with a Covid-19 -secure checklist in place which has enabled us to welcome back a limited number of existing members and bring in four new members. We have acquired the necessary PPE and cleaning/sanitizing products. We sought and received advice in these matters from Hollybank Trust, Huddersfield.

We we have become even more aware of just how important social contact is to the resilience and wellbeing of our members, volunteers, and staff. We aim to remain open, for as long as possible, within government and local regulations.

Four of our members have now taken on a new role of ‘member volunteer’. This enables them to continue developing their creativity whilst taking on responsibility for supporting the work of VIBE in a way suited to their skills, interests, and ambitions.

Three members have volunteered to help with the internal decorating of our premises [using the paint donated by Dulux].

We have continued to regularly issue updated flyers to our referring organisations. This has led to the acquisition of four new members.

We have commenced planning with an artist to provide opportunities for VIBE members to decorate the shutters and fascia of our premises. This is funded by RBC.

We have three members who have embarked on our design, build, play, own your own electric guitar. This is a legacy of a Youth Music funded project that saw eight members successfully make and learn to play a guitar that they now own.

A returning member has continued to work with our creative writer to develop her novel. Another returning members has designed and built a photography lightbox with the support of our photographer/digital artist.

Our newest member is settling in well, a young man in care who has previously had difficulty in engaging socially, his foster carer has expressed her delight in the fact that this is the first time that he has shown any enthusiasm for an activity.

We have also continued to offer online support with one to one workshops. The core team are available to members by phone, messaging and email

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