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Some of my friends enjoy dungeons and dragons and had been creating their own stories. They invited me to a taster session at a writing group where we discussed the types of characters that could be used in the stories.

I'd always been called a monkey by my family for my boundless energy and since I'd loved monkeys anyway, I wanted to incorporate it, so I found a type of character called Shojo. The Shojo that I designed was part monkey and part human girl who has an obsession with food. I designed the character using computer software to determine what she looked like and combining this character with my own experiences and some opposites, Alelia started to come to life.

The character of Alelia lets me experience things that I wouldn't in real life and researching the character helps to broaden my own knowledge.

She is the cheekiest little monkey around. Her love for food often gets her into troubling situations, but she just can’t help but love it no matter what. Her relationship with food is a unique one, treating it with the same respect you would show other people. Sometimes she was so worried about how food would feel and whether she might offend, or upset it, that she got herself into trouble, especially with people who would never be able to understand. From a very early age, her tail has has acted like it’s had a mind of its own and kept Alelia safe and helped her see right from wrong as her parents never cared enough to do so.

Despite having lived a harsh life with little luxuries, Alelia looks on the bright side of every situation. This earned the respect of her partner in crime, Eurydice. When she is faced with harsh situations, she tries to make it seem like a game, which lowers the stress she faces and allows her to grow and overcome them.

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