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VIBE long-term member/volunteer EMMA ANDERTON has been developing her creative writing with support from VIBE's poet, photographer and visual artist Seamus Kelly.

The quality she is now producing is evidenced here.

His hiding place had been discovered. What on earth was he going to do now? Covering himself with different shaped fabrics and materials, he went still. Even his breath halted in those moments, the creak of door being the sole hint that things weren't right. It felt like an eternity as whoever it was looked around in there, but he was determined to win this forced game of hide and seek. His lungs screamed for air as the door was closed with an annoyed thud, footsteps and the light switching off telling him it was safe to come out. Just how on earth did they keep finding his hiding places? They were much better than any his friends and family could come up with. He could even get to places they couldn't. But time after time they were discovered straight away. Didn't they understand that he wasn't a people person? That he needed time to brace himself before they played these games? Maybe his family were right and that the old hiding places were better. He wouldn't admit it but he'd give it a try. At least once anyway. So as he heard soft snores coming from the room. He crept out of the closet and under the bed one claw after another.

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