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By Steve Cooke

When Jennifer Anderton became a member of SWCT [Stories We Could Tell], now known as VIBE, she was consumed by her anxiety. She would disappear for up to an hour at a time avoiding social contact. Jenny would sit in her own defensive bubble hunched over her tablet. What quickly became apparent was that she possessed a huge talent as a visual artist. The images that she was creating digitally were stunning.

As Jenny gained confidence in herself and fellow VIBE members and staff, she became ready to share her creativity. She exhibited in a pop-up exhibition in the Wheatsheaf and created a comic strip for Unmasked magazine. She was now ready to take the huge step of applying to university.

Leaping forward in time we have just celebrated Jenny being awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration and Animation.

She is now a VIBE Volunteer Member and will soon become a paid VIBE Associate Artist, supporting other VIBE members.

In September she will be working with a mural artist from Bristol to design and paint images on the shutters at the front of VIBE on Drake Street.

At VIBE we couldn’t be prouder of what Jenny has achieved and are excited to follow her career as an artist.

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